About the Author and the Books

About the Author 

Annalise Healey is the 19 year old author of the Wolves of Flame series. She lives in New South Wales, Australia and has had a passion for reading for most of her teenage years. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (K-12) with an English major. 

After many false starts of stories until November of 2022, she is glad to be finally sharing her story with the world. She hopes it brings as much joy to her readers as it has to her. 

She is currently writing a dark academia romance which explores the depths of human relationships, revenge and retribution. Despite this being her third novel, she has only recently come to the realisation that she enjoys writing and wants to pursue it in the future! 

She enjoys reading and writing fiction novels of many genres, but has a soft spot for fantasy and romance. 


About the Books

Wolves of Flame is the first novel in the series by the same name that is set in a future alternate universe where the Gods of the modern world have come down to Earth in the form of Fae after the humans were viewed to have been not treating the Earth right. Now, they face much of the same struggles. 

Wolves of Flame is a fun exploration of humanity and the natural environment, providing criticism of current political systems in a subtle way. Though it tackles these big themes, it is just as care-free and loveable as other similar series like A Court of Thorns and Roses and Gild

The second novel in the series, Thrones of Flame, released in February of 2024. Continuing these explorations and bringing in reflections on love and duty as well as being true to oneself, it has quickly become a favourite of readers. 


Amongst These Hallowed Shelves, the dark academia queer romance, is releasing late 2024. Rumour has it that there might be secret merch releasing with it... shh! More updates regarding this book can be found on her Instagram (@annahealeywrites). 

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