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Annalise Healey Writes

Amongst These Hallowed Shelves SIGNED Paperback PREORDER

Amongst These Hallowed Shelves SIGNED Paperback PREORDER

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A signed paperback copy of Amongst These Hallowed Shelves. 

Please note, this is a pre-order and thus may not ship until the 6th of August. All efforts will be made to have these sent earlier for delivery by the 6th of August, but this is not guaranteed. 



Exploring the depths of human relationships, revenge and retribution, this novel delves deep into the complexities of friendship, love, and loyalty.

Esben and Wilhelm are two teenage boys dealing with the typical challenges of adolescence, from parties and drugs, to exploring their sexual identities.

Their world as they know it, however, is shaken up as they form an unlikely alliance to expose the dark underbelly of their prestigious school, Charles Acadia University.

As Esben and Wilhelm delve deeper into their investigation, they unearth a web of illegal activities concealed beneath the University’s illustrious façade. Their journey forces them to confront the harsh realities of power and deception, whilst discovering the invaluable strength of their friendship.

Boundaries between social classes dissolve as a forbidden love is kindled, though this is soon threatened as Wilhelm’s father, the owner of the University, becomes a suspect in a shocking incident. Will the truth about Wilhelm’s tumultuous past and his strained relationship with his father tear the boys apart? Is the incident the opportunity they have been looking for to frame Wilhelm’s father for the University’s dark activities, or will it be the tipping point for them to crumble beneath the pressure?

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