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Thrones of Flame SIGNED (Paperback)

Thrones of Flame SIGNED (Paperback)

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A signed paperback copy of Thrones of Flame. Thrones of Flame is the second book in the New Adult fantasy series Wolves of Flame. Due to the contents of this book, all readers are advised to view the "Content Warnings" that can be found under the "Blogs" page. 



Thrust into a dangerous game of politics, Esmeray is forced to reconsider what is most important to her in this highly anticipated sequel to Wolves of Flames.

Standing before the Royal Court of the Fae Queen, Esmeray is forced to pay for her prior victories as she faces charges of treason but her world is irrevocably altered as Gwyneiran soldiers storm the castle. Reagan orchestrates the Gwyneirans to abduct Esmeray in a last minute bid to save the love of his life as the Queen orders her execution.

Finding herself in an unknown land, Esmeray is caught in a web of espionage and intrigue as she spies for the Gwyneiran Fae, infiltrating the establishments of their rebel rulers.

Meanwhile, Reagan devises his own plans to overthrow the Queen, and with rebellion on the horizon, both Esmeray and Reagan challenge their beliefs and morals in the name of justice. In protecting their love, the pair must endure the challenge of their separation while continuing to work towards a common goal. It is then that Esmeray discovers unsettling truths about Reagan's past, which threaten to destroy their love, life and future together.

Will Esmeray and Reagan unite to restore peace and justice, or will the flames of revolution consume them and everything they hold dear?

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