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Annalise Healey Writes

Wolves of Flame SIGNED (Paperback)

Wolves of Flame SIGNED (Paperback)

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A signed paperback copy of Wolves of Flame, the debut fantasy novel by Annalise Healey. 


Dreaming of a world where humans and their Fae rulers can peacefully live together 

Esmeray Durand submits her name to the training program initiated by the Fae Queen Cecilia in a quest to prove the worth of mortals. From this moment on, her life will never be the same. 

Embarking on a deadly conflict with the Fae overlords, Esmeray finds herself enmeshed in a far greater battle than first anticipated. She makes an unlikely ally in the mortal, Cicero, and along with her immortal partner, Reagan, and his most trusted friends, Gwilym and Callahan, they travel down a path that will change the course of history - with Esmeray at the helm.

As war looms against Berwyn, Esmeray fights to keep her new friends alive, sacrificing herself time and time again. 

Will she live to see mortals treated equally by the Fae? And will love endure? 

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